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Conference Interpreting

Our rule of thumb applies once again: only the very best interpreters are good enough for Absolute Translations, because only the very best is good enough for you. G20, APEC, NATO, UN, WTO and IMF, these are the world summits at which our highly skilled and trained conference interpreters have interpreted.

We guarantee AIIC certification and NAATI accreditation at the senior and advanced interpreting levels for every conference. Absolute Translations also provides interpreters for your business meetings nationally and internationally.

  • Highly skilled and trained UN conference interpreters
  • Internationally certified by AIIC
  • Nationally certified by NAATI at senior conference level
  • Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa
  • World summits, international diplomatic meeting, trade missions

In an ISO4043 compliant sound-proof booth with direct view of the speaker, the interpreter listens to a speaker through earphones and simultaneously renders the message into another language through the microphone. The listeners receive the interpretation via the headphones they are wearing.

In the meeting room, the interpreter listens to a speech and takes notes. During timed intervals the interpreter takes the floor and renders the meaning of the speaker’s message into the other language. When finished, the speaker takes over again and the interpreter continues with note taking.

In a meeting situation, the interpreter whispers what is being said by a speaker in another language to a maximum of four delegates.

Also equipment can be supplied by Absolute Translations. We partner with equipment rental organisations across the globe.

Client spotlight

BDO, a large international accounting firm, recruited Absolute Translations in 2013 to provide Chinese simultaneous interpreting services for their Gold Coast conference. Absolute Translations’ highly skilled and trained AIIC and NAATI Senior Conference Interpreters did an outstanding job during the four day conference and received fantastic feedback from BDO. The interpreters commented they were very well looked after by the client and commended their efforts, understanding and quality of equipment.


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