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We specialise in technical, scientific, legal and creative and we handpick our translators based on their industry experience.

It is of vital importance to have your industry specific text translated by an industry expert if you’re after an accurate and adequate translation.

You cannot ask a lawyer to design a bulldozer in CAD and this applies to translation too: a translation should always be done by someone specialising in the field and topic of the text.

We have a rigorous QA process and the peace of mind we offer our clients is an added value that is often ignored by other agencies.

In addition to the rigorous selection of our team, our quality assurance process is second to none.  No translation goes out the door here at Absolute Translations before it has been thoroughly peer reviewed and edited.

We can’t stress enough the importance of reviewing and editing.

Translators may work on a text for days and proof it again and again, but it’s not unusual to overlook this naughty little typo that’s lurking at the end of a line. So obvious to a second reader, but completely invisible to the original writer.

So what does a reviewer do?

A reviewer compares the translation with the original, makes sure everything has been translated correctly, checks for typos, and if necessary, refines the style.

The result?

A translation that will feel natural and read like an original.

It went extremely well, everyone was very pleased. Thank you for such fine service. We look forward to doing future business with you.

How can we help you?

At Absolute Translations we have a true commitment to quality:

  • Our language services are performed by highly skilled and native translators.
  • Translations and other services such as voice-overs are double-checked by independent native revisers and industry experts.
  • We guarantee accuracy in every respect, observing integrity of content, suitability to the target market, respect for cultural sensitivities, correctness of grammar, spelling, tone, style, register and format.
  • Our Australia based translators and interpreters are NAATI accredited.
  • For emerging languages where no NAATI certification is available, we work with embassies, universities, tertiary institutions and multicultural organisations to select the most suitable language speakers.
  • We use memoQ Adriatic, a server based CAT tool, which improves the translation quality and assures a consistent style and terminology.
  • We build and maintain translation memories (TM) per client, per language pair and per topic/sector.


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