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How to Win the Hearts of Local People? Localise.

Wednesday 6th Sep 2017

In a world of mega brands reaching out to all corners of the world, you might assume that their core message will be equally well-received no matter where they are. There is a simple reason why in Thailand McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald, greets Thai people in the traditional “wai” gesture of both hands pressed together. This equally applies to their menus: despite the ubiquity of the BigMac they still need to cater to local tastes. […]

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The One Thing That Could Set You Apart from Your Competitors

Wednesday 28th Jun 2017

Shutterstock (Mayrum) The central goal of any service industry is clear – have you done the job that your client has paid you to do? Whether it is finding them a new employee, putting on an event, or, in our case, accurately translating various pieces of content, there is outwardly very little that matters apart from the quality of the result. Time and cost are two key variables in the quality equation, and technology is […]

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How Translation Will Survive the Robot Onslaught

Monday 24th Apr 2017

by Veerle Vanderplasschen The translation industry, like countless others, is threatened by the rise of the robots. On the face of it, translation is one of those mechanical activities that could easily be handled by a nifty piece of Artificial Intelligence. Google Translate is just the start, imperfect as it is, and it wouldn’t be surprising if even the most qualified translator has had a peek on Google before to refresh their memory. Of course, […]

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Our Story.

Wednesday 13th Jan 2016

There is a human story behind every business, because there is a human story behind every human. Our story is one of humble beginnings. It all started more than a decade ago in the old garage of my octogenarian granddad-in-law. It was located on a hillside with million dollar views overlooking Brisbane city. My then husband and I did not pay rent, because we did not have money, so we shared granddad’s beautiful little Queenslander […]

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Biggest Change in Marketing in the Last 50 Years Might Get Lost in Translation

Thursday 4th Dec 2014

By Al Ries Your Brand’s Name Might Be a Liability Once You Cross the Border What’s the biggest change in marketing in the past 50 years? You could make the case for the Internet. Or Big Data. Or mobile marketing. Or PR. Or celebrities. Or a number of other revolutionary developments. But in our work as marketing consultants, we find the biggest change is the shift from national marketing to global marketing. Our clients are […]

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