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CAT Tools

At Absolute Translations we use computer-assisted translation (CAT) and terminology management tools to enhance translation quality, reduce turnaround times and offset repetitions so we can pass on savings to our clients.

CAT tools store previously translated source texts and their equivalent target texts in a database and retrieve related segments during the translation of new texts. Regardless of the material being translated, invaluable benefits are derived from these tools, and the longer they are used the better the benefits get.

  • enhanced translation quality and consistency
  • reduction in turnaround times
  • enormous cost savings

At Absolute Translations we run two dedicated CAT and terminology management tools, the memoQ Server and Trados.  We also have experience with Déjà Vu, WORDFAST and SDLX.

MemoQ Server integrates a controlled Machine Translation (MT) platform and incorporates carefully customised user dictionaries aimed at increasing the efficiency of the entire translation process.

Client Spotlight

Minas de Revuboè in Mozambique, owned and managed by TALBOT GROUP, contracted Absolute Translations in 2010 to translate a Feasibility Study into Portuguese. The study comprised of 150,000 words and the translation was to be completed in one month. The CAT tool used was TRADOS Studio. We had five specialised translators who built a terminology database and one expert reviser who integrated the databases and carefully revised chapter by chapter. The job was delivered on time and on budget with quality and consistency assured. www.revuboe.com/home

Terminology management

As the volume of translatable content increases, it is critical to properly manage the terminology in all your target languages and ensure consistency across all your communication materials and a variety of media.

Our state of the art terminology management tools generate a database of bilingual text segments and these assets can be leveraged for the translation of future communication materials. Furthermore, we can create and maintain glossaries for technical terminology. This is particularly helpful when terminology is highly technical and/or specific to a particular client, product or application.

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