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Absolute Translations is your one-stop shop for any language-related requirement, including Subtitling and Closed Captioning. We provide English and foreign language subtitling for Television, DVD & Blue-ray, Web & Netflix and Corporate Videos.

We also offer Closed Captioning services for the hearing impaired and Audio Description services for the vision impaired.

Translation & Script Adaptation

Translation for subtitling is not simply creating a word-for-word translation of an audio script and then placing it as subtitles at the bottom of the screen. A script which will be used for subtitling will need to be adapted to meet the subtitling parameters.

The translator has to understand the content they are working on, retain the meaning of the original version and convey that in another language, all the while taking into account reading speed, characters-per-line limits, timing and positioning.

Why Absolute Translations?

Unique – We are one of the few companies that specialise in true translation subtitling. Translation subtitling requires highly trained specialists who understand the complexities of translating different kinds of content and have the skill to retain the meaning and context of the original version within the subtitles.

Quality – To achieve the best translation subtitling, at Absolute Translations we train our team to the highest of standards and employ the best qualified professional translators in the industry. Our translation subtitlers are experts within their language field and are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects and types of programs they subtitle.

Location – As one of the few companies with our own physical office location and in-house, local translators who understand the local markets, we are specialists in multi-language versioning.


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How can we help you?

Corporate video subtitles – sample

When we say we execute every project to the highest quality, don’t take our word for it.  Ask us for references, testimonials or ask to see our portfolio. Click on the videos below to check out our subtitling work.


The difference between subtitles and closed captions?

Subtitles cater for viewers who do not understand the language, accent or dialect in a video or are used when the speech in the video is unclear. Subtitles are generally burned into the image. A synonym of “subtitling” is “open captioning”. The “open” refers to the non-hidden nature of the text. On broadcast television, subtitles cannot be turned off.

Closed captions is a term  popularly used to describe subtitles for the hearing impaired. They aim to describe everything happening in an audio track of film or TV show and may well indicate phone ringing, child crying, explosion noise and so on. Closed captions are embedded in a stream of video, so a viewer can turn them on or off. The “closed” in “closed captioning” refers to the hidden nature of the text.

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