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Audio & Video Translation

Pictures say more than words. And the combination of image and sound makes for an even more powerful expression.

One of our core specialties is Voice-over Recording and Subtitling. Our experienced team uses the finest equipment to ensure the highest quality possible. No matter the project — whether it be video games, VR audio, or anything else — we make sure each and every step of the process is precisely executed and finished to the highest quality.

Using the unique experience of our international team, Absolute Translations guarantees the cultural authenticity, tone and accuracy of the translated audio, specific to each language.

We recognise that translating the spoken word requires a different approach to written content. Script translations are customised for subtitling or voice-over recording and will maintain the key messages, duration and character of your campaign.

Client Spotlight

Bechtel is a global industry leader in engineering, construction and project management. Bechtel’s Mining & Metals GBU has worked closely with Absolute Translations since 2008 for translations into Canadian French, Chilean Spanish and Simplified Chinese. Over the years we successfully translated, subtitled and voiced Bechtel’s corporate videos into the languages above using local native voice talents recorded in our studio in Brisbane, as well as in-country native voice talents recorded in our studio overseas.


Voice-over & Subtitling samples by Absolute

When we say we execute every project to the highest quality, don’t take our word for it.  Ask us for references, testimonials or ask to see our portfolio.

Click on the video below to check out some of our Mandarin voice-over and subtitling work.

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Audio/Video Transcription

The first step to Audio or Video Translation is preparing a time-coded Transcript of the audio track to be translated. This transcript is used by the translator to accurately render the spoken or written text (e.g. onscreen supers) into another language.

Creating an accurate time-coded transcript of your audio or video assists not only the translator; it can be useful for editing, search and archive purposes as well.

Script Adaptation

Often requested as part of our Subtitling service, our Script Adaptation services ensure the adapted script is faithful to the essence of the original dialogue. Our approach is meticulous and ensures authenticity and natural flow. Before the translation process is started, the time-coded script is checked to make sure it is suitable for subtitles.


From casting commercials and promos to more specialized categories such as video game and VR audio voice over, Absolute Translations discovers, casts, and records the best voice-over talent available in Australia and around the globe. But don’t take our word for it…listen for yourself by browsing our voice samples to hear what separates us from the competition.

Too many to pick from? Call us and together we’ll cast the perfect voice over talent for your next project. Plus, we can work remotely via ISDN, so no matter where you work from, we can make things happen. With nearly 15 years of experience in the industry, trust that you’re in good hands.

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