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We specialise in audio/video, creative, technical, legal and corporate, and translate into 250+ languages and dialects. You will work with a team of specialised translators, seasoned linguists and industry experts native to the country or community you are targeting, who will be your translation team.

Our team are seasoned linguists, creative writers and style addicts all in one. Our translators will not just translate a text, they will look for the best possible expressions at all times, whether corporate, legal, consumer engaging or any other type of text. They’re true blue perfectionists and will lose sleep over it if necessary. Your copy will be in the most capable hands, guaranteed.

No product or service goes out the door here at Absolute Translations before it has been thoroughly reviewed and edited by third parties. Not once, not twice, but three times. Yes, we have rigorous QA processes and our team are more than happy to oblige.

Our Australia based linguists are NAATI accredited; for emerging languages where no NAATI certification is available, we work with embassies, universities, tertiary institutions and multicultural organisations to select the most suitable language speakers.

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