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Voice-over Recording

Absolute Translations specialises in foreign language voice-over production for TV, Commercials, Video Games and Corporate Videos. We handle small or large projects in one or many languages. We produce your recordings using only the best and most experienced talents available in Australia and abroad.

Our team of experts – more than 1,200 native, professional and international VO talents, studio engineers, audio and video translators, QA editors and project managers – will guarantee the native fluency, quality and accuracy of every single audio translation project.

Television – from hard-selling voices to authoritative warm voices… we can offer VO recordings for any format: fiction, drama, or reality TV.

Commercials – choose from a wide range of voices in one or many languages. We offer multilingual voice-over recordings for online use, TV or radio.

Video Games – we can help you with the casting, directing and recording of characters for your production. We also offer a wide range of voice actors in one or many languages.

Corporate – we offer professional voice-overs in one or many languages for your corporate/sales presentation, training, or any other type of recording.

Voice quality

Voice-over artists do not buy listings on our website; we carefully select voice-over artists who meet our quality expectations. We also have the voices validated by other native speakers to make sure our clients get the best quality on the market.

Voice Demos

Click on a geographical area below to find voice-over demos in the languages that suit your project. Our voice demo pages are categorised based on geographical area and each page showcases voice audio in a number of different languages native to that area.

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How can we help you?

Our recording process in 10 simple steps:

  • Casting: You will receive voice samples for approval and selection based on the project needs
  • Assets: We will work with the final scripts for recording with any exceptions or special production notes, along with any reference files or additional assets (videos, source files, etc.)
  • Asset review & scheduling: Our project manager reviews the assets and schedules the recording session with talent and director
  • Recording: Our audio engineer will direct the voice talents to produce a high quality voice-over
  • Quality/accuracy check: Our QA editor reviews the recordings
  • Corrections: Any pick-ups are noted by the QA editor are re-recorded and double-checked
  • Studio editing: Audio files are cleaned, edited, and renamed per the script with our automated tool or lined up to video, and prepared according to deliverable specifications (required silences, final format, etc.)
  • Audio final check: Our project manager spot checks the files to ensure it meets all requirements and prepares final deliverables
  • Audio tracks approval: The recordings are sent to the client for final sign off
  • Master export & delivery: If the tracks are approved the recordings are final. If changes are required they will be carried out as per the client’s suggestions at no extra cost

Here is a further check list for you to help you make your decision. Please give us a ring to discuss your project now.

  • International voices are rigorously screened for native accent, diction, tone, and overall professionalism
  • We have a large selection of male and female voice-over narrators and actors
  • Our voice-over services are of broadcast quality
  • One project manager oversees your entire project, from launch to delivery
  • All sessions are supervised by a native voice-over director
  • All recordings are scrutinised for accuracy by a native QA editor
  • We have bullet-proof post production and file renaming processes
  • Our professional voice recording studios are staffed by expert engineers, featuring Pro Tools HD and state-of-the-art hardware

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