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Thank you so much for providing your test translation. The feedback from our Chinese testers was that it was the best translation amongst three. Apparently the translation demonstrated a good understanding of geological terms and overall content. Loyal to the English original, with good sentence flow. I will be recommending you for the next publication and any other products requiring Chinese translation. I look forward to contacting you for the next project. – Chantelle (Geoscience Australia)

Our manager was impressed by the professionalism and level of service offered by two of your interpreters at the 2013 APREC conference in the Gold Coast and we are now looking for interpreters for upcoming meetings in Qatar. My colleague Jenna, from BDO Brisbane, has very kindly forwarded me your contact details. – Stephanie (BDOBrussels Worldwide Services)

Thank you for all your wonderful work over the past week. We really appreciate it. And please pass our thanks on your translators; the feedback was fantastic! – Brett (Bechtel Australia)

Our client said she heard fantastic things about your company which is why she wants to go through you and wanted me to pass this onto you before she emails the documents through today. – Jess (Servcorp)

It went extremely well, everyone was very pleased. Thank you for such fine service. We look forward to doing future business with you. – Rosana (Campbell Brothers Limited)

Your organisation provides such a wonderful service. Much appreciated. – Tina (Noah’s Ark Children’s Services)

We were very happy with Peter and Juliet. They were professional, friendly and highly skilled interpreters. – Jodie (BDO)

Thank you very much for this translation, it is excellent! – Tim (Xstrata Technology)

I received feedback from our French speakers in Guinea who said that the French on the web is excellent, so thank you very much for the high quality translation. – Suzie (Guinea Alumina Corporation)

Thank you for all the work you did for us. The service you provided was outstanding. – Fiona (Brain and Poulter)

I did receive the translation, and it’s brilliant. I’m very impressed that you managed to find the colloquial terms for many of the diseases. Thank you also for getting back to me so quickly. It’s greatly appreciated and we’ll definitely keep you in mind for any future endeavours. – Rebecca (Charleville Hospital)

Thanks Veerle. I am very impressed by the efficiency of your company. – Kay (Office of the Minister for Health)

John is over in China at the moment and he has received quite a few comments regarding the quality of our Brochures you translated, so a big Thank You to you for your excellent work, once again thanks!! – Rachel (Supavac)

You are life savers. – Justin (Condon Charles Lawyers)

We have checked the Spanish and the Chinese and both are perfect thank you!! Both offices told me to compliment the translator!! – Angelina (Ausenco)

My Chinese colleague told me that your translation was superior to the other company we have been using. So some good feedback for you! – Skye (Tax, Oil & Gas, China – Ernst & Young)

What can I say – amazing service – quick turnaround – smiling faces…… Seriously – thank you. – Clare (Bechtel Australia)

Thanks Veerle, you are a champ! – Chris (WorleyParsons)

Can you please pass on a sincere thanks to Vladislav for his unbelievable turnaround time on the reports of late. It is extremely appreciated and in particular with TL0077. The assistance we are obtaining from Absolute Translations and Vladislav is making our Phase 1 (rush) a lot easier and very streamlined. Again, I would like to thank you both for your wonderful assistance. – Tania (Xstrata Technology)

Veerle – prompt as usual – thank you very much for all your work. It is greatly appreciated. – Donna (Nufarm)

Attached is the feedback from the client. They were very impressed with the quality of the translation and just have one tiny change, which is marked. – Nathan (MAKE Communications)

Would you also please pass on our most sincere thanks to Vladislav for his tremendous efforts over the last couple of weeks and in particular the weekend translation assistance he has provided us. Without his assistance our deliverable would be unreachable. Again, pass on our thanks for his assistance over this time. – Tania (Xstrata Technology)

Please let the translation company know that I think the translator did a very good job. – John 李强 (China Business Group, Oceania – Ernst & Young)

Thanks! Wonderful service as usual! – Joanne (Pacific Seeds)

I was impressed by your question about QA, and I’m surprised that it’s not asked more often by agencies. I think it must be a good way to quickly characterize a translator, but as I say, it’s rarely asked. Looking at your agency’s BlueBoard comments from translators who have worked with you confirmed my impression that Absolute Translations is a quality operation. – John (MD & Translator)

Fantastic! As always its great doing business with you. – Damon (Bechtel Australia)

Thanks for your kind words and let me assure you that you are in my eyes one of the very top agencies in the whole of Australia. Honest :-))) – Anamaria (BSc. BA. F.A.U.S.I.T. & Translator – Floreat, WA)

Thanks so much for your work on this. The Oxfam committee was so impressed with your professionalism and willingness to help out. – Rebecca (Oxfam Australia)

Thank you so much for organising all this Veerle. I know we have plenty of requests but you always meet them. – Irma (Ausenco)

I am happy to say that I did receive the translation and it is of an amazing standard just as you said; all parties involved can give themselves a pat on the back, I am very pleased with the overall result. […] Thank you once again for your extremely high standard of service and I look forward to calling on your wisdom again sometime in the near future. – John (Biomedical Science Brisbane)

Also thank you again for your efforts on the very quick turnaround for the other translation this week, you saved the shipment! – Karen (Advanta Seed International)

[…] your prompt and professional service has definitely impressed us. Although we will not be needing your translating service, I thank you very much for the service you have provided thus far. You can be certain your business has left us with a high note with Absolute Translations and we will therefore undoubtedly, refer to you in the future for any translation jobs we have.” – H. Lam (Pal Education NSW)

Thank you, Veerle. We’re really grateful for your prompt service. – Jacqui (JJ Richards & Sons)

You are the best. Thanks :-) – Diana (Citec)

The Manager who requested this said that it needs to be very accurate, as we have had poor standard Japanese translations in the past. That said, Veerle, our past work from you has been of exceptionally high standard, so I have no reason to doubt your services. – Gavin (Heat and Control)

Thanks as always for the fantastic service you guys give. – Joanne (Pacific Seeds)

You are my hero! You were referred by Irma! We will definitely have lots more work for you. – Joanne (Ausenco)

Wonderful as always.” – Irma (Ausenco)

I would like to thank you for your excellent service so far and your prompt action to our very short notice request. In the near future we will be having a lot of work to be translated into a number of different languages and we will definitely be contacting you for your support with that, so we intend to use your service going forward. – Sheila (WorleyParsons)

Working with you is actually turning out to be a very good experience, and we’re now glad we chose you for this job, and possibly for the future ones as well. – Joao (Intertek Testing Services Shenzhen, China)

Apart from being grateful for your prompt services, I would also like to add that I am impressed with your professionalism, working with people like you makes my work easier. I will definitely be sending you more work. Please advise other languages that you translate. – Brenda (Migration Agent – BLS Resources)

If you could squeeze this through, Friday is the very latest we need this by. If you are unable to confirm Friday I will need to send it on to another company and I certainly don’t wish to do this as we are very very happy with your service. – Barbara (Nu-Lec Industries)

We are very satisfied with the work you performed for our firm. – Michael (Trilby Misso Lawyers)

Many thanks for your very professional work and assistance. – Tony (National Australia Bank)

Excellent. The efficiency of your service is highly regarded. – Wayne (Consolidated Group Care)

Thank you very much for your attention. I must say that out of all the places I have called to get this translation done, you have been the only one that even through email treats me like an individual. Congratulations for your service. – Anamaria (Brisbane, QLD)