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Eastern Europe Voice Demos

Listen to our Eastern European – including Russian – voice demos below and select the voices that will best suit your audio or video project. We have listed the characteristics specific to each voice next to the respective voice demo for easy reference and selection. Our voice talents are versatile and experienced, so your audio project will be in capable hands.

On this page you will find Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and Serbian voices, representing target audiences in Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Ukraine.


Bosnia Female 01
Corporate, newsreader
Bosnia Female 02
Corporate, clear
Bosnia Female 03
Soft, mature, advertising
Bosnia Female 04
Advertising appeal, friendly
Bulgaria Female 01
Instructional, mature
Bulgaria Female 02
Advertising appeal, cool
Croatia Female 01
Soft, commercial
Croatia Female 02
Clear, natural, corporate
Croatia Female 03
Reliable, businesslike
Czech Female 01
Educational, instructional
Czech Female 02
Instructional, calm
Czech Female 03
Advertising appeal, young
Czech Female 04
Advertising appeal, competent
Hungary Female 01
Documentary, instructional, bright
Hungary Female 02
Friendly, reliable, mature
Poland Female 01
Friendly, advertising appeal
Romania Female 01
Young, narrative, clear
Romania Female 02
Soft, advertising, bright
Romania Female 03
Instructional, advertising appeal
Romania Female 04
Friendly, reliable
Serbia Female 01
Friendly, businesslike
Slovenia Female 01
Friendly, businesslike
Russia Female 01
Informative, reliable, competent
Russia Female 02
Charming, young, friendly
Russia Female 03
Businesslike, competent


Belarus Male 01
Narrative, corporate
Bosnia Male 01
Reliable, businesslike, mature
Bulgaria Male 01
Commercial, clear
Bulgaria Male 02
Advertising appeal, calm
Bulgaria Male 03
Corporate, clear, natural
Croatia Male 01
Reliable, mature
Croatia Male 02
Deep, competent, advertising appeal
Croatia Male 03
Businesslike, reliable, mature
Czech Male 01
Young, clear, corporate
Czech Male 02
Deep, mature
Czech Male 03
Reliable, business-like
Czech Male 04
Reliable, corporate
Hungary Male 01
Corporate, grave
Hungary Male 02
Deep, dynamic, vibrant
Hungary Male 03
Natural, instructional, warm
Poland Male 01
Reliable, competent, mature
Poland Male 02
Reliable, competent, mature
Poland Male 03
Reliable, competent
Poland Male 04
Reliable, competent
Romania Male 01
Commercial, young, cool
Romania Male 02
Advertising appeal, funky
Romania Male 03
Friendly, competent
Serbia Male 01
Reliable, competent
Slovenia Male 01
Reliable, friendly, competent
Russia Male 01
Friendly, businesslike, mature
Russia Male 02
Deep, advertising appeal
Russia Male 03
Friendly, vibrant, advertising appeal
Russia Male 04
Dynamic, cool, natural