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Central America Voice Demos

Listen to voice demos representing Mexico in Central America and Puerto Rico and Jamaica in the Caribbean and select the talent that best suits your audio or video project. We have listed the characteristics specific to each voice next to the respective voice demo. Our voice talents are versatile and experienced, so your audio project will be in capable hands.

On this page you will find Jamaican and Caribbean English and Mexican and Puerto Rican Spanish, representing target audiences in Latin America (Central America, South America) and the Caribbean.


Jamaican English Female 01
Warm, friendly
Mexico Female 01
Vibrant, dynamic, advertising appeal
Mexico Female 02
Warm, vibrant, dynamic
Mexico Female 03
Calm, corporate, warm
Mexico Female 04
Sharp, dynamic
Mexico Female 05
Advertising appeal, bright
Mexico Female 06
Young, dynamic
Puerto Rico Female 01
Corporate, friendly
Puerto Rico Female 02
Advertising appeal, dynamic


Jamaican English Male 01
friendly, advertising appeal
Caribbean English Male 02
Soft, advertising appeal
Caribbean English Male 03
Documentary, corporate appeal
Mexico Male 01
Cool, funky, advertising
Mexico Male 02
Deep, advertising appeal
Mexico Male 03
Deep, warm, suave
Mexico Male 04
Professional, bright, natural
Puerto Rico Male 01
Soft, natural, bright
Puerto Rico Male 02
Dynamic, cool, warm
Puerto Rico Male 03
Cool, natural, funky