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Africa Voice Demos

Listen to the following Africa voice demos and select the voices that will best suit your audio or video project. We have listed the characteristics specific to each voice next to the respective voice demo. Our voice talents are versatile and experienced, so your audio project will be safe with us.

On this page you will find Swahili and Somali voices and English voices spoken with an African accent, representing target audiences all over Africa, and more in particular  Tanzania, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, Uganda, Comoros, Zambia, Malawi, Madagascar and South Sudan.


African Female 01
Young, vibrant, charming
African Female 02
Natural, competent
African Female 03
Competent, instructional
African Female 04
Natural, businesslike
Swahili Female 01
Promotional, charming
Swahili Female 02
Reliable, clear, instructional
Swahili Female 03
Competent businesslike


African Male 01
Reliable, natural, businesslike
Somalia Male 01
Competent, pleasant
Somalia Male 02
Reliable, natural, businesslike
Swahili Male 01
Young, bright
Swahili Male 02
Friendly, natural, competent